22 November 2008

well hello and goodbye for now.

so last night i took at really really hot shower. i'm emphasizing really because i usually take scalding hot showers, and this one was hotter than usual.
i did this because i thought it would make my back feel a little better. and honestly, it did. it really did.

until i decided to get brave and start doing some stretches after i got out the shower. because i thought the stretching would help too.
well it didn't. it made everything worse. and i feel like my spine is literally being bent into an arc. i don't know what it is...but it hurts. i hurt. i hate this. i can't stand up straight, i can't walk correctly. i'm a damn cripple.
that's mean. okay, i'm crippled.

i'm going to walmart after work. for knicks and knacks. i'll probably end up spending a lot of money, but that's okay, cuz i'm sad, and shit like that makes me happy.

by the way, i'm working on the story about my ex girlfriend. just in case anyone was wondering.
it's a long one, and i want it to be perfect, because i want you guys to really understand the situation i have going on with her. and why i firmly believe that relationships with women don't work. i love women, but they drive me fucking crazy. especially this one.

and i just burped and threw up a little bit in my mouth. gross.


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