08 November 2008

i'm kinda mad

nic sheff is closing down his blog page.

that makes me upset. and honestly, i feel like he's going to relapse again. he says he needs to concentrate on other things. LIKE WHAT NIC? i've read his book over and over and it seems like everytime he breaks a habit, such as blogging, or working out, he fucking relapses. if he does, i'm going to be very disappointed.

if i can stay clean, so can he.

wtf. i'm pissed.

whatever. i hope he stays safe in whatever he chooses to do with himself. i hope God continues to watch over him, even if Nic doens't even believe in God.

peace and love.

1 comment:

mystysaint said...

It is frustrating, but I suppose we all find our own way in our own time.