17 November 2008

injury numero dos

i have an issue.

i think, no, i know, that my laziness is starting to take a toll on me.

i don't exercise, i sit in a very uncomfortable computer chair all day. and when i get home, i lay my lazy ass on my bed or sit on my couch, or sit on ANOTHER uncomfortable computer chair, and subject myself to a very minimal amount of physical activity.

so it's no wonder i pulled my back out this morning!
i feel like an old lady, and it's no bueno.
how does a nineteen year old pull out her back putting on a pair of sneakers? i really don't know.
so yeah, i'm pretty much crippled for the moment. i mean, just last week i had whiplash, and now this? ughhh i feel a bit miserable.

it happened while i was getting ready for work. i'm pretty much done already, makeup and hair is finished, clothes are on. so i'm standing up, trying to put my left converse sneaker on. it's a pain in the ass putting on my converses, especially in the morning, because they're skinny tight sneakers, and i always put on shoes standing up. so i'm lifting up my left leg to pull on the sneaker, and all of a sudden i feel a shift in my spine. literally. something in my spine just moves to the side while i'm exerting myself, and i instantly drop my sneaker and let out a cry of pain.
i can't explain this because i've never really felt it before. but damnnnnn this hurtsssssss.
and i'm sitting here at work. like an idiot, because i'm too scared to call in sick. it took me twenty minutes to put my shoes on after it happened, and i couldn't even get in and out of the car without feeling like a damn vieja!!! (old lady)
I should've called in, really. I should've.
But i can't afford it. I look like a damn fool at work right now too. Walkin' all funny, can't even get in and out of my chair. THIS DAMNED COMPUTER CHAIR!!! I hate it it's so uncomfortable!!!!

anyway enough complaining about my back. even though it hurts more than i can say. last night i acted like a straight up bitch towards my boyfriend. i don't know why, but i picked an argument with him, and had no good reason to do so. i think i might have been in a bad mood while getting off work. and it didn't help that he ignored my text messages all day. but i was out of line, and i guess i was just pushing his limits to see how far i could go. very childish of me. at first though, he was taking it al very well, my yelling at him for no reason and getting in his face... yeah he was actually attempting to be nice to me even though i was being a bitch.
then he finally got fed up and left the house to go smoke. when he got back he acted like nothing happened and continued to be nice to me.
that really confused me. normally he's not like that. he's got a short fuse, as do i. it doesn't take much for me to say to piss him off real good. but this time, he was cool, clam, and collective.

i appreciated it. and then i felt dumb for acting like a spoiled little hoar. lol.

ouch. my back hurts.
i'll be back. maybe. ;)

by the way. i appreciate the comments stargazr!!! i love your feedback, and your blog as well!!!!


StarzGazR said...

Awww i got special love on your blog =)
I honestly look forward to yours.. and i always seem to have something to say and comment about lol!

But it looks like you pulled one of my episodes from last week lol.. just be glad it wasn't as bad y que a el novio no le importo mucho!! =)

Ohh PS- I feel you on that no-working out thing!! I haven't been to a gym since JUNE and Mr.whatif made me work out on saturday and i'm so sore i can barely move.. and i barely did anything hard either!!!!

Mack Momma said...

Hi ma'am I wanted to let you know that I like your blog. You are very descriptive without telling every intimate detail about your "private" life. you leave some things for the inagination and that is good.

As for your fight, I am trying to understand why people start fights with their men for no reason? puzzling... but maybe there is a reason behind it?

I would be nice from now on, dont want to loose him over something stupid.

Have a good day.

Jadeny said...

I hear you on the uncomfortable office chairs!! I wish we had laptops and recliners in the office.