10 November 2008

ouch baby ouch

i have whiplash!
i think... because my neck is killing me.
aqquired during playfighting with my boyfriend. everytime we wrestle around, one of us ends up getting injured in some way. this time it was me, and my neck. my poor poor neck. ouch baby ouch!!!

anyway. i'm thinking of getting another tattoo. an old school microphone on my forearm. maybe? hmm who knows? we'll see.

it's planned. we are getting mos def concert tickets! he's coming to seattle next month. i can't wait. a poetic lyrical genius, i've been a fan of mos def before def poetry. my favorite cd of his : a new danger. favorite song : black jack. ahh good music soothes my soul.

xoxo be back


StarzGazR said...

Man!! that shit happens with me and my man too!!
I have this huge bruise on my left arm... it's ridiculos lol!!

Leanne said...

hey, yah i know about the book being only partially true, and it really doesn't bother me that much. i think it was pretty fucked up of him to publish it as a 100% true story, when he could've easily just written 'based on a true story' instead, but i enjoy the book for what it is, not it's truth value. but thank you for letting me know :]

mystysaint said...