07 November 2008


i submitted this into poetry.com, and recently recieved a letter saying that it is being published in a book of poetry. this makes me happier than i could explain.

the blueprints led to the right place
but smudged in spots
too many
i swore i'd need a second brain
can't do this one on my own
i said it. over and over
and i hate repeating myself
are my words delayed--or ignored?
how fast is the speed of sound?
when the fuck are you going to hear me?
so there goes another teardrop-and another smudge
help me stop crying
so i can find my way home
but as for now,
impossibility seems infinite
how could i have knowni'd get so lost?
my fingers are burnt enough already
it's time to wake upsmell the coffee
and the aroma of my reality

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