15 November 2008

back again

hello. i've had some writers block lately. it's frustrating, but i'm back.

you ever have one of those coworkers who constantly talks to you about things you really don't care about?
well i do.
this particular coworker really enjoys talking about her kids. i mean, there is NOTHING wrong with loving your kid that much. but to constantly annoy someone else with stories about how cute and smart your kids are...that's just something you shouldn't do.
she likes to stand around my desk and watch me work, or whatever the hell it is that she's doing. and then out of the blue, when i'm obviously busy, she starts up with her stories. "my kid did the cutest thing"...or "i need to get my kid this"... or "the other night my son"... blah blah blah. and she just goes ON AND ON AND ON with the shit. i try to make it obvious that i'm not listening to her, that i'm actually working. and i don't respond to her, just give her the occasional "hmm" or something. but she never gets the hint.
i wish she'd just shut up. i don't care about how cute your kids are. really. it seems like she's just trying to justify something or make herself feel better... i don't know. i don't really care either.
let me work. thank you.

i know that seemed kinda rude. but damn. i can't stand it already. it's everyday now. i thought she'd stop after a while if i kept ignoring her. but she doesn't. it's like she takes it as a cue to continue with the lame story when i'm silent. ARRGGGHHH. maybe she just likes to hear herself talk, cuz i've caught her talking to herself a few times. haha

anyway. to stray away from that topic. i had a great day yesterday. i worked at 5 am again, got off at two, and spent the rest of the day and night with my boyfriend. i know we live together, but there's a difference between being in eachothers presence at home and actually spending quality time together.

after work, we headed to the bank to deposit his check. we wanted to go see a movie, but we were both dead tired from only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before. so we decided to buy. you know the deal that blockbuster constantly has going on? the 2 for $20 one? yeah they're used movies but it's a good deal nevertheless. we decided on the ruins and 88 minutes.

when we got home, i decided to bake some cookies. yum. then we took a shower and he started getting frisky with me. haha. it's been a few days since we last...you know. so i guess he was really itching for some. and not to mention, i've been really horny for the past few days. so i'm brushing him off a little, mainly because i actually want to enjoy the cookies i just baked while they're still warm. i'm putting them on a plate and he comes into the kitchen. i offer him a bite, he takes one, and picks me up and carried me to the bed (cookie still in my hand). needless to say, we had some sweet lovin, sweet like them sugar cookies.

anyway, then we chilled on the bed for the rest of the night watching the ruins and reading together. mmm. relaxation. love it.

the simple pleasures in life.

...and then they all get ruined by a coworker who likes to blab your ear off.

lol ;)

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StarzGazR said...

first of all i completly understand the difference in being in each others presences... and spending quality time together!!!!!

Second- i love the "sweet lovin" lol.. the whole picking you up.. and carrying you to bed.. aghhh soo sweet!! lol

and third- annoying co-workers SUCK!! lol