03 November 2008

Sleeping through the static

my brain is simply not working today. lack of sleep is really starting to take it's toll. i don't like feeling like this, it reminds me of staying awake for days because i was high.

everyone's asking me if i voted...
NO i didn't. so what? end of topic.

i guess i'm not in the greatest of moods this morning. maybe once i get more into my day my mood will pick up.

i didn't have a good anniversary. we didn't do anything. we actually argued. and it makes me so sad to think that we've been together for three years but we can't even manage to take one day and put all the bullshit aside and have that day for just the two of us to love and appreciate one another.
but i guess nothing's perfect, right?
i'm just honestly sick and tired of being frustrated with my relationship. i've left him, given us time away from eachother because sometimes that's what we need. everything i do only seems to work for a little while, then everything is back to normal. and here we are again, arguing almost every single day about the pettiest things.
i hate reading blogs like this, and here i am, writing one.

but i need to let this out before i explode.
and i'm so tired i think i might just pass out.

ugh...i'll be back. i need to time to regroup, think straight, "normal" myself out.

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StarzGazR said...

Girl..you may hate to read abouto blogs like this.. but this is for YOU to make yourself feel better.. i've never dealt with any type of addiction but how you mentioned in your first blog it helps you.. so fuck it.. keep writting.. and if it makes you feel better.. I'll keep reading!
Keep your head up chula!