24 November 2008

unfinished poem

i love how i feel when he looks into my eyes.
and there's an unfamiliar feeling of butterflies.

i breathe.
in and out.
i see.
me without
because that's the way it's supposed to be.
you with her, i with he,
seemingly making this out of reach.
this is our forbidden kingdom,
betray him, betray she.
making us king and queen
of deception, and fuckery.
and then, only so long until
i lie to you, you lie to me.
all will end up suffering.
you and i,
him and she.
they had us,
we had we.
and in the end, what appears?
you with hate, i in tears.
then when all is said and done,
king and queen shall leave their throne.

1 comment:

StarzGazR said...

WOW!!!! i really like this!!!
We can all relate to this.. especially me with mr.forbidden and mr.whatif huh??