02 November 2008

At the end of my day...

...this sparked up a little emotion in me.

earlier today i was reading a blog by a lady named Mz Nikki. she's going on and on about how she was watching the intervention show about the crazy meth addict/alcoholic Cristy. this girl (Mz. Nikki) is unbelieveably judgemental and assuming. it's not really what she was saying about Cristy that bothered me, it was when she started talking about race.

now, i'm full blooded hispanic. puerto rican to be exact, and on top of that i'm from new york. right. so anyway... she brings up her opinion on how the majority of the addicts on intervention are white. she's going on and on about how blacks and hispanics (she actually says "Black/Brown/Yellow/whatever you is") don't become addicts because they have close knit families, and they're not dumb enough to do so because everyone is always in everyone else's business.

...that really pissed me off. mainly because she really thinks she knows what she's talking about. and because she is acting very "higher than thou".

i think she's on a serious racial power trip. it doesn't make any sense to me. this really shouldn't be pissing me off because in a way, she's putting my ethnicity on a pedestal along with hers. but i don't think she's right in saying that. i am hispanic, and i grew up in a close knit although somewhat dysfunctional family. that didn't, in ANY WAY whatsoever, stop me from becoming an addict. honestly, in some peoples' situations, their family is what actually drives them to do drugs, regardless of race.

but whatever... i ramble too much, seriously. sometimes the stuff i say doesn't even make sense.

on a higher note, i had a good day at work. saturdays and sundays are usually my favorite days at work. most people complain about not being able to have the weekends off, but i enjoy my weekends at the office. slow paced and relaxing, it might get boring, but hey, who wouldn't want to just relax and surf the web all day? sheeeiittt, my lazy ass doesn't mind one bit!

k i'm done for now.
be back tomorrow.

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