22 March 2009


she speaks quickly. seeming to deliberately avoid pronunciation of each syllable, inable to sound-out-words. verbally.
everything is in her mind. the best way out is on paper. or, keyboard.
she's a mess. and a disaster.
life was a straight path for a moment. no bumps, cracks...
now it seems she's approached a huge, menacing STOP SIGN.
after the sign, there's a gap in the road. gaping wide open and disturbingly inviting.
inches her
to the fall.
who is she? where is she going? when will this end?

there's a justification to every fuck-up, every mistake.
i know what i'm doing, i just don't know how to stop.


Retired But Tryin! said...

Whats going on with the love life? How you doing?

Erin said...

I felt like I was falling into the same gap in the road while reading this. Hard to find out who I am, who we are, what out purpose is, why we are here, and what the fuck we are doing.. Will we ever know? We know what we are doing, but.. At times even though we know there is another way, we go with what is familiar and comfortable.. What would feel good at that particular moment.. We are programmed to seek happiness.. You say she spoke quickly, and purposely avoiding pronunciation.. She felt out of control and "crazy"..